Suit Stopped

After the wedding, I took care of household things which lasted quite late and I went food shopping well after midnight. I was still in my suit and was pushing a cart through the baking aisle while wearing headphones when a woman tugged on my shirt and asked where the marshmallows were. I removed my headphones, looked at her, took my hands off my cart, and asked her to repeat herself. She said “oh, you don’t work here, do you?” What gave it away? I found a store attendant and asked where the marshmallows were. He told me, and I relayed this to the lady who had asked. She was delighted to know and gave me a fervent thank you. She walked past me and said to the attendant who I had asked “that suit man is so helpful”. Suit Man, the best dressed and most useful on a day to day basis of the superheroes.