Photo Drilldown

Waking up with no power during the day when the weather is mild can be a gentle experience. Max walked in, licked my foot and rose. Most of the lights in my room are obscured by tape so the only indicator of something not being there was my un-illuminated alarm clock. Walking into my office was similar with no obvious tells except for the UPS lights being off and the Minecraft server being at rest.

The freezer was still holding ice, so I popped some in a travel cup and packed my desktop into my car to edit wedding photos at Sam Lodise’s apartment. I had taken 1872 photos and Sam picked some 620 that he liked. Erin later picked some 680 photos she liked with an overlap of about 380 photos. Of those, I wanted to trim down to some 120 or so. Each time I removed one from the set Erin would howl as if in pain at me erasing one of her memories. Sam had a backup of everything. Nothing would be lost but still this indignity was an interesting compliment. We talked and agreed that we only needed one good photo of each person and each key event. After that, we picked a few dozen shots to represent the wedding. As we did successive waves of editing, everyone was represented less and less except for Green twins. Somehow with each pass, photos containing them were skipped.