Powerless Insights

The first day without power is an adventure, the second an annoyance, and the third a tragedy. Day three is where the ice has melted in the fridge and freezer and where one wants either something hot or cold. My suffering was slight. I had gone to camp for years and could go a long period without most amenities. On top of this, I had friends who had offered their spare and not spare space to me. I had cell access and with a 4G network and tetherable phone had faster web access than most people do at home.

After work I faced the grim task of throwing out a lot of food. Don’t buy fresh meats and vegetables before a storm. I also changed the kitty litter, used the remaining water pressure to get Max water, and packed what I could into a cooler to bring to my mother’s. I had brought my desktop and a 30″ panel and worked on photos until 1am or so. Even through storms my desktop + a card table is the pinnacle of on-the-go computing.