Life Hacker

I found out that I share the train with Yet Another Coworker and we talked about the a recent weight loss competition held at work.

Me: I heard you won.
Him: Yeah, I looked at the participant pool and built a stochastic model guessing how much each could lose taking their travel schedules and past performance into consideration. I figured I had a 90% chance of winning so it wasn’t a life improvement thing so much as easy money.
Me: Wow, hey we just missed our train.
Him: Not quite, follow me. *jumps onto about to leave train going to next station*
Me: This isn’t the right line.
Him: But it stops at Market East station next too. The trains are variable enough that we probably have a 50% chance of our train losing 10-15 seconds vs. this one allowing us to pick up the train we missed.

I work with people that are smart, people that are wise, people that are clever, and people that are cunning. I’m glad for that spread.