Peanut Butter Pucks

As a thank you gift to Pat and Clara, I wanted to make peanut butter cupcakes. I asked Google and found a recipe which looked straightforward and began gathering ingredients. At the same time, I took a melatonin tablet about 45 minutes before I thought everything would be done and set to work mixing. Melatonin and I, apparently, have a curious relationship. It skews my sense of time and concept of numbers and I wound up putting twice as much peanut butter in the cupcake mix. “What’s wrong with more peanut butter?” you may ask, well, a few things.
Peanut butter brings extra sugar to the mix, this acts as binding agent. It’s not particularly moist so brings little steam leavening. Finally, it’s quite fatty and having doubled the amount of the single largest ingredient kind of skewed the results. Instead of making a peanut butter cupcake, I wound up with a peanut fritter. The extra fat wound up almost frying the cupcakes as they cooked and the results were quite… dense. I gave one to my dad who requested a knife and fork.

Secondly, I wanted a way to ship these while keeping their frosting in place so, again, I asked Google which recommended I bake a few in mason jars. Once baked and cooled, the cupcakes could be iced and sealed so that they shipped properly. Genius.

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