Joe mentioned to me that he was going to make mead and I replied with “I want that to be my first alcohol”. He said that no one has gotten first drunk on mead before, and I said not since the 12th century. I’m going to start consuming alcohol but I want some arbitrary rules to make it mine.

From SuburbanAdventureRehost

Some of the ones I’m considering:

1) only drink something where I’ve shaken the hand of its maker. If I ever become wine snob, Southern Hemisphere wines could prove tough.
2) for each actuarial exam I get to drink one more type of distilled or fermented drink until I unlock them all as an FCAS.
3) only drink things of a particular color, preferably something odd.
4) only drink things whose proof value is below my age. Right now, I can drink most strong beers but not many fortified wines.
5) only drink things whose percent alcohol is below the maximum distance in miles I can run in a single go. If I want to ever slam Everclear, I need to start prepping for some ultra marathons.