Acceptable Shot

There are very few pictures taken of me compared to the pictures I have of those I with which I spend time. I’m largely fine with this as it lets everyone else do their thing while I do mine. In the above, I gave Janine my camera to take pictures of Mike and I being hugged by John Roderick. She took this picture while I was waiting in line.

Me Right Now

I like it.

Janine’s shorter than I am, so every picture she takes has a slightly different perspective that is sometimes revealing. Here, my beard looks a bit fuller and it’s entirely due to the angle. Also, it shows me with neither a smirk nor a forced smile. I still have four pens in my pocket although not a notebook nor phone and there’s a strap around my shoulder because I’m pretty well always carrying something. I look happy because I was. Finally, it’s who I am, right now.