Wassailpalooza 2012


I had on my favorite dark blue dress shirt and sweater vest when I received a call that someone wasn’t quite sure how to get to my house for the party I was having that evening. I walked outside to the ledge overlooking Bristol Rd and saw hazard lights blinking, and heard the sounds of broken glass as other cars drove around the stopped vehicle. I ran down my driveway and out to the car and saw two teenagers standing off to the side of the road shaking next to their car which had struck a deer.

Me: Are you ok?
Them: *shiver* nod.
Me: Have you called for help?
Them: *shiver* nod.
Me: Ok, I’m going to push this deer out of the way and then we need to move your car. Do you feel comfortable driving?
Them: *shiver*
Me: I’ll do it.
Them: *shiver* Ok.

Deer shoved, car moved, help called. Time to wait.

Girl #1: Who are you?
Me: My name’s Terry.
Girl #1: Why are you here?
Me: I live in the house behind you and I saw your lights blinking so I ran down.
Girl #2: It was odd to see you come out of the fog.
Me: I suppose it was.
*car pulls up*
Me: This your ride?
Girl #1: It’s my mom, yeah.
Me: Do you feel comfortable driving back?
Girl #1: *blank stare*
Me: Would you like me to drive back?
Girl #2: Thank you.

I drove them back, we chatted during the four minute drive and the girls’ mother drove me back. She made an off hand comment about there not being food in the house so when she dropped me off, I asked her to wait a second and assembled a plate of baked goods from the food at my party. Then she was off into the night.

Everything Else

I think I invited enough people that the group shards could enjoy themselves.  The cluster of Scouts got to have a rope argument while others played Jungle Speed and yet more just ate.


Top View-Nice shot, Sam.


Constrictor Hitch-This is what happens when six Eagle Scouts start drinking.

The party went well, and this time I had a lot of food left over instead of an embarrassing amount of food left over.  Most people left between 1 and 2 am.


With a cherry on top

I feel this is an entirely acceptable way to round out 2012.