Trifled With


I purchased a 1.5 gallon wine glass.  Here is how I chose to fill it:

2012-12-31 19.11.37-1

This an English dessert called a trifle.  To make it authentic, I should have added liquor between each layer but wished intoxication to be independent from entering a food coma.

The layers are Nilla wafers, banana pudding, graham crackers, chocolate pudding, oreos, vanilla pudding with chocolate chips, blueberry reduction, whipped cream, and a cherry.  In total, it contains about 15,000 calories and enough sugar to kill someone who weighs less than about 110 lbs.  If I were to eat no other carbohydrates and to stay on keto, it’d take me about three months to consume it.  The dessert clocks in at about 10 lbs and should feed about 35 people in my opinion.

Let us see if Randy and Kelly’s guests are up to it.