A Stab at 2013

My view towards resolutions has changed over time from “iron framework of the futureself” to “maybe this would be nice”.  This past year I had composed a list of things I’d like to do in that year and wanted to do six of the ten. I feel no remorse for not having done them as I think I’ve filled my time well.  Over the course of 2012, I started to compile a general list of “things I’d like to do” and for 2013 may try to just knock those off at some rate.  Monthly seems appropriate, but I tend to do poorly with that kind of procrustean pacing.  I think my compromise may be “10 neat things for the year” and some target for quantity of photos. That happens in four days.  I’ll lose a month or so to recovering from surgery but I hope the slightly faster Terry will be able to make up for lost time.

My first planned one is “See Whit in a play”.