Pop Bottle

Sam’s Club sells a lovely fruit salad.  It’s six pounds for like 9 dollars and the juice from it has this melony flavor the fancies up mixed drinks in a way that makes grenadine seem a methadone-like substitute.  Knowing this, I avoid consuming the fruit salad juice and bottle it when I’m done in a latch-top bottle from Ikea and store it until it’s cocktail time.

I polished off a container of fruit salad a few weeks ago and decanted the juice.  Then about a week ago, I popped the top to try some and noticed it fizzed.  I couldn’t remember if I had mixed half a left-over bottle of sparkling wine and the taste suggested I had so I recapped it and left it again.  Today I returned home after work and knocked a bottle of Mountain Dew off the top of my fridge.  It hit the ground and I looked down and saw a yellow/green puddle thinking the bottle had opened.  I picked up the bottle and saw it was intact.  I opened the fridge and saw what I can only describe as carnage.  The bottle contained the apparently fermented fruit juice had exploded with enough force to embed shards  of glass in the door.  A fact I found out while wiping the door down and the wash rag being stopped repeated by jagged shards poking out.  Bottles on the second shelf of my fridge had been knocked over and the top rear of my fridge was even hit by the blast.  I threw out some things that were in open containers as they may have received glass spall.  On the plus side, my fridge has never been cleaner.

Part of me wants to science it and see if it’ll happen again.