A Noisy First

I’ve been biking to work for about four months and all and all it’s been wonderful. I’ve used a total of six subway tokens since then which pleases me greatly.

The Bike/Bus lane on Walnut is usually treated as another traffic lane and this morning, I came to a red with bumper to bumper traffic, hopped off my bike, walked it across the street, hopped back on at the other side while the flow of traffic still had a red and resumed riding in the Bike/Bus lane. The light turned green and the driver behind me started honking and yelling “get out of the lane”. This is when my knee-jerk contrarianism kicked in and I brought my bike to a complete stop, counted to four, and turned around yelling “This is a bike and bus lane, you are neither of those”.

When I turned back around, hiding my embarrassment as having yelling at a car in traffic, I saw that traffic was at a complete stop some 2 car lengths ahead of me. I lifted my bike onto the side walk, crossed the street on foot, and rode off to work.

This is the first time I purposefully turned myself in a road hazard to prove a point. I’m curious if I choose to do so again.