I was making a complex cocktail of organics today to create a more accurate emulation of partially digested food using various chemicals that are neither found in the colon nor in one’s food when I decided to run the process remotely using an automatic stirrer.  I set the stir bar and left.  30 minutes later I returned to the fume hood covered in fake poo and a couple gallon of foam tooling around on the floor, oh and the gut wrenching smell of fake partially digested beef and peanut butter (tasty combo, I know).  The lab owner was at a meeting so I began cleaning when he returned:
Him: Whew, who shat in my lab?
Me: Not shit, poo juice.
Him: Poo juice no smell like goose shit.
Me: “Whew” juice is new poo juice.
Him: “Whew” new poo juice go boom?
Me: A little.
Him: No new whew poo juice next time?
Me: I say “boohoo” to new whew poo juice.
Him: Get some more paper towels.