Goodbye 2007, hello…. 2006

New Year’s Eve was spent at the Rimmer household where Joe, Kendra, Pat and myself spent most of our time avoiding Clara’s sister and her friends. One fellow was nice and looked suspiciously like David Krumholtz from Addams Family Values and was continually assaulted by his daughter that thought there was no such thing as having too many blankets. Pat made a vague attempt at introducing me to a women that “wasn’t interested in men” at the time which joined the long line of lesbians and pregnant women at which I’ve made passes.

We then moved to a 110 minute game of Taboo. Mr. Rimmer went through 13 cards in one round, mostly by ignoring the timer and counting clues he didn’t like. Genius.

Finally, during the ball drop the little clock disappeared from the screen so we all depended on inaccurate watches to guess when 2008 began. Joe won by realizing his watch was off by 23 minutes making me realize why he always missed most of each episode of MASH.