Types of Memory and Tortured Analogies

We did an activity in CIS 1055 where we had to compare the layers of memory in the system versus the human mind.  This was quite possibly the most tortured analogy I’ve seen in a long time.  This is what the instructor wanted:

CMOS- Internal clock
Cache-ability to plan
RAM-what’s on your mind

Upon realizing that no one was going to stand up and pose any options, I wrote the following on the white board.

RAM – Fiery passion
CMOS – Obsessive Compulsive tile counting
Cache – Ability to negotiate a Tijuana standoff
Rom – Reflexive love of hickory smoked baby back ribs, mmmmm ribs

The teacher accepted these answers without question and applauded my originality.

I was thinking of defining RAM as a dancing in a spring time rain and CMOS being the pounding of your heard when you first experience true love but decided not to for fear of people believing me.