It Takes a Thief

Mike Kramer has found an Atari and really wanted to play it but as stopped by the fact that the beast had an 300 ohm (two wires) adapter rather than the 75 ohm of an F-connector/cable screw in thingy. I asked for a set of rabbit-ear antennas and after befuddling a number of attendants at Circuit City who kept trying to sell me TiVos and digital cable boxes not realizing that television can also be distributed through the lumeniferous ether, I found a shitty one myself. The antenna had a 75 ohm to 300 ohm converter and I mentioned to Mike that I had half a mind just to pocket the damn thing. On the way to checkout, he asked what the part looked like and I popped open the box to show him. It was gone. Looks like someone ran into the same problem and chose to steal it instead. I went back and two of the remaining three antennas were missing the converter too. Atari players of the world, unite!