Funny In Retrospect

A conversationlet of the following first few lines occurred after a 5-Color event a month or so ago.  I mentioned this to Joe Naylor who found it quite funny and after we had some embellishment got something that could possibly turn into a Whitest Kids You Know skit.

Person 1: Wow, they really gave me a lot of marinara sauce with my shrimp.
Person 2: Really? How much?
Person 1: I’ve gone through all of my entree dipping each bite before consuming.
Person 2: Did you dip your balls in it just to make sure?
Person 1: Of course.
Person 2: You should alert our waiter.  Waiter!
Waiter: Yes?
Person 1: You gave me an excessive amount of marinara sauce.
Waiter: Ok.
Person 1: I even dipped my balls in it as a last measure and there’s still quite a bit left.
Waiter: Well, that is quite a problem.  I apologize for giving you too much marinara such that even after dipping your balls in it there’s still too much.  Might I interest you in a courtesy piece of pie for your inconvenience?
Person 1: And….
Waiter: And a finger bowl into which you can dip your marinara-covered balls.
Person 1: Thank you.

I wonder how it could turn into a campfire skit.