Irrational No More

My current task is back to scanning until our new document system is running at 100% and my current docket is largely email correspondences between the document manager and the CAD worker who does the iterations of the drawings.  Today I found one of the gems that makes the job interesting.

Manager:  Please perform attached changes and increment the drawing revision as per (partinent standard).
CAD Worker:  The revisions are for a released item and can not receive a full incrementation from 3 to 4.
Manager:  Iterate the drawing to a partial level.  Assign release as 3.1.
CAD Worker:  Release level assigned as 3.1.
Manager: The requester discovered a spelling error in part (part name and number), please fix and iterate number to less that 3.2.
CAD Worker: Fixed.  I’ve iterated the drawing  to Ï€.
Manager: Non-repeating non-terminating numbers are not recognized as per (gov standard outlining CAD revisions of medical devices), for purposes of revisions, π will equal 3.14.

Well, glad someone laid down the law.  Somewhere a million geometry students are cheering.