Receipt Gambling

The portable air conditioner I wanted took a few searches to find, but I think I have what I want now.  I went to Home Depot to get it and after paying my receipt was marked with a highlighter.

Me: What’s that for?
Sales Associate: So when know when the item was purchased.  We change the color every day and generally reject returns with the day’s color.
Me: So… you assume people who return things immediately are liars and on top of that may reject it outright if they happen to return it the next time that color’s used?
Sales Associate: *giggles* kinda.
Me: But the date and time is printed on every receipt, it seems kinda arbitrary to use colors when the info you need’s at the top and bottom.
Sales Associate: We can’t remember to always check the date, so the highlighter’s easier.  I like to think of it as a lottery.

Yes… A lottery where if you win, you lose.