Post Office Critics

I brought my passport stuff to the post office to get it approved and sent and discovered the postal workers were far from parochial:

Agent 1: Do you have your pictures.
Me: Yes, here. *passes photos*
Agent 1: Where did you get these done?  CVS?
Me: Yes.  How did you know?
Agent 1: The noise pattern, it’s diagnostic of the camera they use.  Normally, they center the head more, but this person did much better.  Diane, what do you think of these?
Agent 2: Wow, normally they the nose as the focal point making the ears a bit blurred, this person focused on your eyes.  Maybe they got someone from Walgreen’s, they tend to do that.
Agent 1: Ward’s always did the best, but they’re no longer.  Remember when Rite-Aid switched to using the Fuji Fine Pix cameras in 2002?
Both at once: Such saturated greens. *laugh*

This is why America has the best postal service on the planet.  I wonder if they could tell me the age of the photo taker based on the height of the shot and the amount of arm-shake.