Foreign Skill Set

I needed to get gas on the way to camp and stopped at my regular cheap Jersey station to find long lines as there appeared to be stemming from the station having a single attendant.  I saw one woman step out of her car at the pump, and attempt to operate it only to be stunned by the dizzying array of lights and return to her car to wait for the attendant.   I gunned for an opening, jumped out of my vehicle and began pumping my own gas through the insights into the process I’d gained by reading the damn instructions on the pump.  The attendant made his way over to me and reached for the nozzle where I interposed “Stand back, I’m from Pennsylvania.”  He glared at me, I glared at him, when I heard a beep.  The attendant reached over hit the receipt button, grabbed the receipt and while looking daggers  at me  said “thank you for stopping at Quik-Chek” .