Getting Old(er)

Today marked the six year anniversary of me starting to use the precision fart generator at work.  Later I walked into some technicians holding the door to the hotroom (environmental chamber held at 40°C/75% relative humidity)  open while passing pouches in.

Me: Why are you holding the door open?  Just lift the cart in and put up the pouches.  It doesn’t require three people.
Tech: But it gets hot in there.
Me: Hot! You’ll be in there for five minutes.  When I was your age I spent hours putting up hundreds of pouches.
Tech: That sucks.
Me: I was thankful for it, because <coworker> spent his days in there testing adhesives.
Tech: Oh.
Me: Kids today.

I’m 25 and I just had my first “you kids, get off of my lawn” moment.