Post Winning Picks

The Team Interrobang Holiday cards went out today after a bit of a printing snafu.  I wanted to send one to each member who’d donated twice during the year and purchased some delightful TF2-themed ones.  Printing was… onerous as the card stock felt like butter coated Teflon and would only print if I tenderly rubbed the printer while whispering dirty things to its electrostatic head.  I had 20 cards to send out and three muffed up impressively, two even had burn marks on them, so I had to create inserts with cardstock and spray adhesive.  The automated postal station at the post office was actually run by a postal worker that manned that sucker like Data rockin’ the Enterprise’s LCARS.  I had some weird stamps to get so I took the regular line and purchased my stamps to send stuff to North North Dakota (Canada).  Turns out the current 75 cent stamp is Harriet Beecher Stowe.  I’m sure sending an enduring symbol of the Civil War will endear us to the Canadians.  I also needed to get three two cent stamps to finish up a roll of stamps I had lying around.  I purchased a sheet of 25 and after using 3 such stamps will make an attempt to use the remaining 22 to send something somewhere.  I wonder if I can spell out a PO box in stamps.