Computer First Discoveries

The draw of the computer has been stronger than I anticipated to my dad and I’ve had to relearn some basics about the interface.  For instance:

Dad: Hm… I’ve heard a lot about Google. But every time I search, there’s only two results.
Me: Two results?
Dad: Yeah, look.  It says “results out of 2 million pages” where are they?
Me: Have you tried paging down?
Dad: Hm… Is that what the PgDn key I’ve been eying does?
Me: Yes.
Dad: This is easier than I thought.

On search specificity:
Dad: I’m getting too many results on snowplows.  How can I narrow it down?
Me: Well, add other terms, like a brand, a size, or a region.
Dad: You mean you can search on multiple words at once?  Hot damn.

Sometimes I get drunk with power and search on whole sentences or even a phrase and a name all at once.