Web Collusion

The fluorescent bulb in the kitchen blew and I wanted to find out when Lowes and Home Depot would open.  Both of these sites are currently down for maintenance.  This is the third time this has happened with this site pair in my experience.  I wonder if they sync this through dark BBSs and email chains or through steganographic Facebook status updates like “The phoenix is constructing its nest”.  Alternatively, I wonder if one plays king-maker and goes into maintenance mode forcing the other to do the same so they won’t be down at different times later.  I wonder if the technicians behind the sites have races to see who can get their site back up first passing some sort of golden…. bit back and forth to he who can refactor the fastest.  Or maybe it’s like the Christmas Armistice during WWI where they both finish their stuff and use their now-empty fat pipe to host sweet LAN parties where the two sides challenge each other to double-shotgun matches in Modern Warfare 2.  Or maybe it’s just a coincidence and many sites go down early Sunday morning so their servers can go to church.

Sometimes I wish I were a kook and could take one of these observations and turn it into a full-blown obsession.  Maybe one day I’ll set aside some time and give it a sporting try.