The Littlest Cable Install

The technician returned today ready to do the install.  By “ready” I mean “lacking the basic tools do the job” and “do the install” I mean “ask me repeatedly to help him”.  He was about 5’6″ and completely incapable of accessing the cabling in our drop ceiling so every time he had to thread something I was the one on the stool.  I should have just grabbed him by the legs and shoved him into the ceiling.  During the process, he did discover that the previous wiring job was done via Narnia as there was a wall where two cables went in and three went out.

During the process I learned that the term “drop ceiling” comes from “droupe sheallang”  which is old English for “place where mice poop”.

At least my dad has The History Channel in time to see “Grover Cleveland and the Occult: The Nazi Diaries” or what ever tripe pseudohistory they’re peddling.