Macro Shouldn't Work that Way

It’s New Year’s Eve and I spent it updating the Ockanickon webpage and avoiding cleaning.  During the avoiding time I decided to try a trick I had heard where one could create a fake macro lens by cranking up the f-stop, triggering the aperture button on the lens while removing it and placing it backwards onto the body.  It worked.  I was in no way prepared for that.

Here’s an example:

January 01, 2010-12-MacroTest

Computer case screw at the closest distance my 30mm /1.4 would handle

And here’s it after reversing the lens on the camera body:

January 01, 2010-4-MacroTest

Reverse 30mm on body

Note that the depth of field is about a thick as a pubic hair.

Here’s a better example of the depth of field generated by this process (in this case, f/8.0ish)

January 01, 2010-17-MacroTest

That’s a Mana Drain I bought that had been lit on fire.  More specifically, that’s the burnt edge.

I finished with an obligatory shot of a ballpoint pen tip.

January 01, 2010-29-MacroTest

Obligatory Shot of a Ballpoint Pen

If you go to the Flickr page and view the f-er full screen you can make out the lights I used to take the shot.  These lights are also visible below:

January 01, 2010-35-MacroTest

I need to get a lightbox.