Magic Purple Monkey Dishwasher

The shelf immediately to the right of my computer desk represents roughly 90% of my net worth.   With roughly 4 of every card printed from Alpha to Zendikar (that’s chronological not alphabetical) with some glaring exceptions of Arabian Nights, Torment, and Homelands, I’ve been filtering out some excesses that I could sell to buy some burn-time when I’m unemployed.   I purchased someone’s collection this past summer that I’m now dismantling and word of such has gotten around.  Today, I received a Facebook message of roughly the following:

“Hey, heard you’re unemployed and selling your collection for gas money.  I’ll cut you a break on buy prices.”

What?  I did some homework and it turns out the whisper-down-the-lane-style transfer went as such:

Me–>Person #1: I’m selling some cards I got from other people’s collections to fund a trip after I get unemployed.
Person #1–>Person #2: Terry’s selling some stuff from his collection to pay for gas for a trip after he’s unemployed.
Person #2–>Person #3: Terry’s selling his collection to pay for stuff when he’s unemployed.
Person #3–>Person #4: Terry’s unemployed and selling his collection.