Chicago Lounging

I very much enjoy spending time in Chicago with Peter Jerde aka Pants.  He keeps my bullshit detector sharp with about a 50/50 chance of finding an error with something I say or firming its accuracy.  We both keep notes on such items, I via notepad, he via iPhone, and then we regroup at his apartment and attempt to ascertain fact.  Here was my topic list of the form “claim” – “fact status”:

  • An order of magnitude is a factor of 10 – Yip, although an order of magnitude call follow any fixed ratio, in common parlance, it’s a factor of 10.
  • Software patents are protected as alternate implementations of hardware patents – Not any more, once, patents in software were sanctioned as protecting hardware patents (if someone builds something in software that you’ve done in hardware, it’s an infringement) but now direct software patents are possible.
  • Carbon Dioxide gas is shipped liquified – Sometimes, for medical uses, it’s often shipped at low pressure but the standard 350 PSI cylinders are liquid.  Phase diagram.
  • Information stored on the surface of a black hole is done thermally – I blew this one despite giving a reasonable explanation of Hawking radiation and the Holographic Principle.  The information stored on the surface of black hole is temporary and creates deformations in gravity that changes how virtual particles behave near the event horizon which would make the particle properties of something falling into a black hole detectable.

I also did a really crappy job of defining what is meant in physics by “information”.  Four out of four for the truth being between the two positions.