I wanted to wake up at about 9 AM today to go to camp and take pictures at the Lenape Klondike Derby but popped my head off of my pillow around 2:30 PM and realized I had pretty much wasted the day.  I could have salvaged it by cleaning or planning a night out, or even working on second job stuff, but I had committed to the path of failure and I would follow through on it.  Lunch was a hot dog, and after using my treadmill, I decided not to shave nor did I cut my hair as I had planned.  I didn’t get the mail, I put off finishing a white paper and went to bed around 3 AM after playing video games and going food shopping.  My only redeeming act was attempting to make fudge and that I will not know how that turned out until tomorrow.  I eventually got to sleep by thinking that some sort of cosmic balance ruled and somewhere, some nerd just proved Goldbach’s Conjecture or made it to 3rd base.