Soda-Fueled Work Reduction

I received a list of about 20 tests to perform to characterize a product and I started picking them off one by one but had a question and walked over the requester’s office where he was happily munching on the fudge I brought in.  He asked me if I had tried any of the fudge brought back from a meeting, I told him I made it and he froze up.  I asked him about a test method and how tricky it would be and he told me to not do it, so I returned to the list.

About 2 hours later, I had another question and went to his office to find him drinking a Pepsi Max.  I told him it was odd that we both liked Pepsi Max and brought in 20 oz bottles as well, he said he got it from a meeting so I pressed him for the location.  He said the refrigerator and again froze up on finding out he was consuming something of mine.  He again told me to skip the test about which I had a question as well as two others.

I wonder if I could convince him that I supplied the building’s toilet paper.