Your Crappy Chocolate

The bars of white chocolate lingered, slowly being picked at by those foolish enough to be pulled in by their sickeningly sweet siren song.  White chocolate coats the mouth and punches the pancreas but does little else.  So I asked if anyone would mind that I took the remaining bars home with me to reforge them into something more compelling like a proper fudge or maybe, just maybe… chocolate.  The four wrapped bars sat silently awaiting their reincarnation as I mixed water, corn syrup, and sugar into a pot and started melting dark chocolate.  The bars were chopped and added to the dark and baking chocolate to be reincarnated as the cocoa half of a chocolate fudge and I smiled as the last remnants of identity “MAUI 2010, GREAT JOB” slipped from their faces.  “I will make you better” I said as I mixed the two parts together at around 110ËšF and let them sit.

This morning, I was greeted with… incredibly crappy fudge.  Somehow, their white chocolate in under 8 ounces destroyed the quality of the other four pounds I had prepared, turning it to a gloopy pile.  I had to re-melt and forge the fudge anew again to get it to a reasonable consistency.  On Monday, I will bring it into work and be met as a savior.