Becoming a Scout

Troop 5’s Court of Honor saw four new Scouts join, of which one appeared to be different than the others.  Whenever there was a part of the ceremony that involved talking, he was very loud and very clear, blasting over the rest of the Scouts.  At one point, the new Scouts were called up to receive their Scout badge:

Scoutmaster:  Scouts, On your honor, do you promise to do your best to do your duty to God and your country?
Kid: I DO!
Scoutmaster:  Do you promise to obey the Scout law and help other people at all times?
Kid: I DO!
Scoutmaster: Do you promise to keep yourself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight?
Kid: I DO!
Scoutmaster: Fathers, do you promise to support your Scout through this process.
Kid: *pause* HE DOES.

Good to see he can think on his feet.