Soda Stream First Thoughts

I go through about 1.5 liters of soda a day and have tired of bringing new bottles into work each week. I can feel the receptionist judging me as I walk by with a armload of 2 liter bottles although, being a receptionist, she is judging me regardless.

The setup is simple and operation easy. Here are my thoughts:

  • The notion of “fresh” soda is alien to me. Some things don’t get better fresh. I don’t care about fresh sugar, rice, nice or oatmeal, nor do I care about fresh soda.
  • I’m a procedure person and the quality of bottle to bottle seems hard to keep.
  • I do like the ability to adjust the level of carbonation.
  • Most of the flavors are just far enough off to what they emulate that it’s a bit too ersatz for me.
  • The exception to the above is “Diet Energy” which is a spot on copy Red Bull for about 1/10th the price per serving.
  • The fruity flavors lack in fruitiness.

The cost effectiveness for most of the regular flavors is debatable as a serving clocks in at about 55 cents per liter.  This is only a bit below the 66 cents per liter I pay for name brand when purchased in quantity while on sale and is well above what I would pay for a store brand at around 44 cents a liter.  Iced tea runs me about 35 cents a liter and bottled water 32.  I’m paying for convenience EXCEPT in the case of Diet Energy which is ludicrously cost effective.