Coffee Saga, Part 2

Today I tried not drinking the coffee.  I have a train-friend that regularly purchases coffee on the way to the station and I spoke with this friend about providing their cup of coffee.  So, I got the AA Kenya with 2 sugars and 2 creams and proudly brought it onto the train.  Train stopped at Somerton station, no friend.  So I figured I’d just hold the coffee and dump it when I got to Temple.

People start piling in and my arm’s getting tired as I have no real place to put it down.  I’m pretty sure the guy next to me starts looking at me funny as I hold this cup of coffee without drinking it and my arm starts shaking as holding out the cup starts getting to me.  I think about trying to give it away until realizing that no one would accept a fat stranger’s coffee.

In frustration I start drinking it, remembering why I hate regular coffee, so I’m sitting there downing piping hot coffee contorting my face in pain.  I’m the kind of guy guys like me hate sitting next to on the train thinking they’re crazy.  I’ve become a monster.