Wire Shelving: A Crisis

I have many boxes of Magic cards and the bulk total is about 60,000.  I stack them in cardboard boxes but over time, their shear weight crushes these boxes leading me to replace these boxes annually at a cost of about 24 dollars (8 5000 ct boxes at 3 dollars a piece after tax).  I hypothesized that I could double the lifetime of a box by putting it on shelves.  Being an actuary, assuming a 5% annual rate of return and 10 years more of Magic I could spend 95 dollars on getting kickin’ shelves and come out ahead actuarially, which is how I’d always preferred to come out (… I should probably rephrase that).

I tell my dad of my revelation and head to Lowes, hit home organization and see the $60 black matte shelf unit I wanted.  I pump my fist in actuarial triumph and grab the box and two extra $12.00 shelves… which are only available in chrome.  I put the shelf unit box down and go to the chrome shelving unit and stop in horror upon seeing it’s a model-busting $75.  I could have off color shelves but then how could I sleep at night?  Could I be so callous and just let my model?  I sigh, grab the chrome shelf unit and slump home.  I get home, and my dad asks me why I look so glum to which I respond: “My model couldn’t survive my dedication to looking fabulous.”

Afterword:  If I can get the boxes to last 16 months, my model will live again.  Keep this cardboard in your thoughts and prayers.