I'm getting an iPhone….

So I talked to Sprint about ending my service to get an iPhone and chose to use the chat option instead of calling.  Which was surprisingly pleasant.  Here’s the transcript.

10:51:09 AM   Agent Chontay

Before I transfer, is there anything else I can assist you with?

10:51:25 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

No thank, bot.

10:51:52 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

I r type guud.

10:51:59 AM   Agent Chontay

One moment please while I transfer. Have a Good Day.

10:52:44 AM   System System

You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by…

10:52:45 AM   System System

Chontay has left this session!

10:52:54 AM   System System

Dustin M has joined this session!

10:52:55 AM   System System

Connected with Dustin M

10:52:55 AM   Agent Dustin M

Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Dustin. One moment while I review the past chat so that I can further assist you.

10:56:05 AM   Agent Dustin M

I see that you are inquiring about leaving Sprint correct?

10:56:45 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

Yep. I want an iPhone.

10:56:48 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

A lot.

10:57:37 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

I was wondering if I could buy off the remaining time on my contract if I switch to another provider.

10:57:55 AM   Agent Dustin M

Are you wanting to take this number with you to the new carrier?

10:58:02 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

Yes.  I <3 my phone number

10:59:25 AM   Agent Dustin M

What you would need to do is have them port this number from our system to theirs. You would need to do that after 7/18/2008 so that you do not incur an early termination fee.

11:00:31 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

So, next Friday I can get an iPhone?

11:02:23 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

I’m really jonesing for it. I’m pretty sure owning one guarantees me a place in the afterlife.

11:02:35 AM   Agent Dustin M

You can get the I-phone whenever you would like as long as your number is not ported to AT&T before that date so that you do not incur the $200 early termination fee.

11:04:12 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

Thank you. After I transfer, do I then call/chat back to end my service?

11:04:31 AM   Agent Dustin M

When the number is ported out it will automatically cancel your account.

11:04:46 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

Ok, thank you.

11:05:01 AM   Agent Dustin M

Is there anything else that I can do for you today?

11:05:37 AM   Customer Terry Robinson

My time with Sprint has been fine, like a high school prom date where you’re just friends and don’t party afterwards but just go get milkshakes.

11:06:40 AM   Agent Dustin M

Thank you for your patience and you have a great day.